Vampire Wedding Planners

Written & Directed by Rachel Stephens
DoP & Editor, Rakesh Thind
​Starring: Sam Pick. Julia Jones, Robert Casey, Georgie Ray Burton & Beth Williamson with Tracie Gooch.
Originally created for the 2014, Reed 3-minute Short Film Competition which the theme was 'Family Business'. After the competition ended the editor, Rakesh Thind released an Extended Cut with a slightly alternative ending.
Vampire Wedding Planners is a mockumentary following ambitious Vincent as he tries to reinvent his family business but his traditional Parents and Grandfather are unconvinced he has what it takes.
The extended cut was short listed for the inaugral Eastleigh Film Festival and made it to the long list for Winchester Short Film Festival in 2014. Vampired Wedding Planners has several local short film screenings.
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